Are You Ready to Ship Your Car Overseas? Here’s How

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Relocating to a different country? You may have considered bringing your car along if you were traveling because you were retiring or if you were doing it for family, work, or educational reasons. Many people choose this decision regardless of whether they would be moving for a few months or several years.

Whatever you chose for your car, the international car shipping company will take care of everything. But you can’t just hand over the keys to them and leave, thinking that your car will be waiting for you on the opposite side. The procedure of shipping a vehicle is quite somewhat complex, and you must be involved in both its shipping to delivery.

To help you understand the process of exporting a car overseas, we have put together a comprehensive guide.

  • Should you transport your car abroad or purchase a new car there?
  • How can I find the best auto shipping company overseas?
  • What is the price of shipping a car abroad?
  • What paperwork is required to ship your car abroad?
  • Various international auto shipment techniques
  • How should your car be prepared for shipping abroad?
Should you transport your car abroad or purchase a new car there?

Is it even possible to transport your old car to a new country? is a crucial question you need to ask yourself. Or would buying a new one there suit you better? You must make a decision on this after carefully considering a number of crucial variables. To help you make a wise choice, let’s examine them below:

  • Do you carry sentimental value with your old car? Apart from an emotional side, you also need to consider the logical side.
  • Do you have enough time to ship your car and enough time to get adjusted to the new environment of a new country?
  • Would it be better to ship your vehicle there or to buy a new car? Calculate the costs and then decide.
  • If the maintenance cost of the car is too high, isn’t it better to buy a new one? Also, think if you can get the spare parts for your car in the new country you will be moving in.
  • How long are you planning to stay there? If you are planning to stay for a long time, it is wise to ship your car. If it’s just a matter of months, it is best to leave the car behind.
How can I find the best auto shipping company overseas?

We always suggest working with a car shipping company than on your own. This is because the shipping company will be aware of the maritime rules and regulations, its constant updates, etc.

For example, you can fill out our form on our website and our expert will contact you. You can get the charges to ship your car overseas. You can also compare the prices. We are the top motor vehicle exporters in Qatar and have a database of auto shippers who can ship your car safely.

What is the price of shipping a car abroad?

This is an extremely important question. In fact, you must not decide whether to ship your car overseas without understanding how much the procedure will cost you.

The best way is to ask for price quotes from various service providers. Sometimes it is best to buy a new car in the country you’re moving to or to forgo getting a car altogether and rely only on public transportation. In either case, the price of transporting your car abroad is determined by the following factors:

  • Is your home near the seaport where your car will arrive? You need to ask the local auto shipper or the auto shipper who will ship the car if they will cover the transportation charges to get it delivered to your home.
  • What is the distance between your current country to the new country you are moving in? It will also help you decide on the cost.
  • Check the import duties and taxes levied on global shipping of your vehicle.
  • While shipping your car to another country, you also need to purchase a new insurance program as per the new country.
  • The size, weight, and condition of your car also impact the shipping. If your car is not in running condition, it will charge you extra due to the loading and unloading difficulties that come from it. That’s because, at this point, the car will need to be towed.
What paperwork is required to ship your car abroad?

You will need a few documents to ship your car. The auto shipper company will work with you on this process and will take care of everything. You only need to submit the paperwork on time; the international auto transporter will gather it and handle the formalities with the customs authorities.

The following documents must be submitted by you:

  • Two copies of the notarized title and the original Certificate of Title for your vehicle
  • A notarized Bill of Sale or the Bill of Sale (depending on the port of origin)
  • The original Certificate of Origin if you bought your car recently.
  • A Shipper Export Declaration
  • A Declaration of dangerous goods
  • A copy of your passport

Additional paperwork and documentation will also be needed, depending on your destination country or a specific seaport.

NOTE: To avoid any delays, get in touch with your auto shipper and find out what paperwork is necessary for the process. Send these to the company as soon as possible.

Various international auto shipment techniques

There are three ways to ship cars internationally. These include Roll On, Roll Off (RORO), Shipping Containers, and Air Freight. In the first two techniques, a freight ship is used to transport your car across the ocean. The third and last technique, on the other hand, entails transporting your car over foreign borders in a cargo plane.

Here is a closer look at each of the three techniques for transporting your car abroad:

  1. Roll On, Roll Off (RORO)

This is the most affordable method to get your car shipped overseas. Your vehicle is driven onboard the ship using this technique, where it is secured. Additionally, your car is immobilized using tools like clamps, straps, and ratchets. It resembles your automobile is parked in a huge parking lot.

There shouldn’t be any more items in your car for safety and security purposes. In addition to safety, it is imperative that there are no extra things present to avoid accumulating fees and inspections. If you pick this option, your car needs to be in good shape. If your car isn’t in functioning condition, you’ll have to pay extra to have it hauled.

Even though this is a very inexpensive technique, it is absolutely not the greatest option for shipping your ship car internationally. This is due to the fact that your car would be in the open and vulnerable to weather elements like wind and rain. You won’t ever be able to be confident that your car will be delivered safely, thus this will cause you constant anxiety till it reaches the destination safely.

  1. Car Shipping Containers

This is the second-most used method of exporting a vehicle. Although it is more expensive, shipping your car in a shipping container is comparatively safer than the first choice. This is so that your car can be kept in a secure metal container.

A shared storage container is very much an option if you want to lower the transatlantic or transpacific shipping prices. A container like that holds a lot of vehicles. If you want to discover whether a shared 40-foot container is preferable to a 20-foot sole container, you can speak with your auto shipper.

  1. Air Freight

Taking a freight plane is your third and final overseas shipping option for your car. But using this way to move your car can be quite expensive, in many cases costing more than the car itself.

This type of car transportation is the safest of all. Apart from the usual loading and unloading, there isn’t much handling of your automobile involved. Moreover, this approach is the fastest of the three. Instead of the usual few weeks, it would usually take, this method will have your car delivered in a couple of days.

How should your car be prepared for shipping abroad?

Here are some of the things you must follow before your car is picked by the auto shipper or the motor vehicle exporters in Qatar.

  1. Get your checked and serviced at a professional garage to ensure it is in good condition and all set for the trip.
  2. Remove any personal belongings from the car. Don’t remove the license plate.
  3. Get your vehicle cleaned in and out.
  4. Remove any car accessories like roof racks, antennas, etc.
  5. Check your car thoroughly and take pictures of its current condition.
  6. Make sure that the car battery is in good condition.
  7. Check the tire pressure.
  8. Check that the emergency brake is in good condition.
  9. There should not be more than ¼ fuel left in the vehicle tank.
  10. Disable the alarm system of the car.
  11. Have an extra set of car keys because your car exporters in Qatar will need one.
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