Marine Insurance

Marine insurance takes care of any damage or loss of goods occurring during any marine transportation. Even though marine transportation is cost effective and reliable the possibility of threats and hazards like unexpected weather conditions, errors in navigation, technical problems, fire, accidents, theft etc can jeopardize the commodities. Different marine insurance are available to ensure the security of not only the goods but also cargo dealers, ship owners and all other intermediaries involved in the transportation. Taking a marine insurance therefore lets you to adopt marine transportation in peaceful and worry free manner. It saves you from economic loss taking place due to unseen adversities.

There are various types of marine insurance available. Choosing the most advantageous and the right scheme is important. Marine Cargo Insurance, Freight Insurance, Hull and Machinery Insurance, Liability Insurances are some of the marine insurances in Qatar. Different marine insurance schemes are also taken on the base of different policies like time policy, block policy, single vessel policy etc. Hence different factors have to be taken into account while selecting insurance for the goods. Move Leaders provide comprehensive covers with specially tailored add-ons that suit you best. Using the knowledge and experience we will guide you in choosing the most flexible and financially beneficial insurance. Our legal experts will also assist you in all the legal procedures involved in the application.

marine insurance